America respects the strong and despises the weak


By: Haider Abdul-Jabbar Al-Battat

The West, along with America, used to show their power over weak countries.
It is possible that the Libyan space is open to French planes.
It is possible that the skies of Baghdad will be open for (English) pilots to show their skills at low altitudes

The US Marines can land on the shores of Somalia and kill and show off.
Then (Hollywood) produces a film that tells the heroism of these soldiers.

America also used to bomb every place in Afghanistan and kill whoever they want and when they want, and no one will object.
But with Russia and its war against Ukraine, the situation is different.

If the French pilot flew over Ukraine to protect freedom and the values ​​of justice, as their foreign minister says, he knows that he will only return as a corpse or a prisoner.

And the British, who invaded the land and sky of Basra and bombed every moving object with their planes, realize that if their tanks approach the borders of Ukraine, they will be burned.

And the Americans also know very well that Russia is not the Taliban, nor Iraq, nor eastern Syria.

They are well aware that their planes will bring back hundreds of dead bodies if they decide to enter this game.

That’s the story in a nutshell…is that the values ​​of freedom, democracy, women’s rights, justice, gay rights, and women’s empowerment.

All of this applies to the weak and the poor, accompanied by some material assistance, and shipments of infant formula.

The story is that the West will not dare to play the same roles it played in Iraq or Afghanistan in front of Russia.

Because they are standing in front of a country that knows how to dismantle conspiracies, and possesses the largest military arsenal.

The most important thing is that Russia is a civilization and culture that exported music, theater and novels to the world, and protected Europe’s dignity when Hitler forced it into the land.

Whoever thinks it is war is wrong… This is much bigger than war.

It is a clash of civilizations…a civilization used to impose its products on the world by force

And another civilization deals with the world in the framework of partnership and sharing a loaf of bread

A civilization that has no colonial past like France and Britain.
People’s wealth was not plundered.
It did not practice killing and liquidation.
At least in Russia and China, you will not find blacks suffering from discrimination.
And you won’t find football fans throwing bananas at African players.

We are with Russia, not because it is victorious, but because it speaks in the name of the poor in this world, fights in their name, imposes their rhythm, and tells the world

Enough of the power of Western civilization, and trying to liberate the mind.!

The war will inevitably end, and (Ukrainians) will realize that they have been involved in a game that they were too big to fuel.!

They will also realize that they were a testing ground for the overwhelming Russian power, but with time they will realize that their space is (Eurasia)..!
And that Russia is their real depth..!
And that the whole West was lying to them and leading them towards the Holocaust.
The story of Russia has opened the gate to the beginning of the end for Western civilization and culture, because the next one will be China, and it will restore (Taiwan) in the same way..!

The fire that they lit in the whole world over the course of 50 years, burning the poor and the people, and burning dreams and aspirations, will be close to the Elysee Palace and the Chancellery building..!
I don’t think it will be far from the White House..!

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